An introduction to the financial services industry painting the big picture of how the industry fits together, describing the main role players, showing the flow of funds through the industry as well as the typical products offered by the various businesses.

An introduction to the investment business industry providing a broad overview of how an investment management business is structured and the workflow through the firm.

The course was developed in collaboration with a group of industry professionals in order to support new and existing members of investment administration, retail and compliance teams within investment management firms and CIS management companies.

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This bootcamp provides new equity analysts with a practical experience in building an equity valuation model and applying various valuation tools. The bootcamp will be practical in nature and provide hands-on experience in using Excel and other tools effectively to build a model for a company.

It is aimed at new analysts entering the industry who have the necessary tertiary qualifications but have limited experience in building models and valuing companies in the workplace.

The Discounted Cash Flow Valuation and Decision Modelling (DCF & DM) Course is designed to provide equity analysts as well as members of strategy and finance teams within corporations and parastatals with a highly practical experience in understanding the core principles of corporate valuation modelling and incorporating elements of decision analysis in this process.

The desired outcome of the workshops is to raise the level of understanding amongst corporate communications teams of the savings and investment industry, its products as well as the challenges facing this industry and its key stakeholders. The Bootcamp is designed as an in-house programme and the delivery can be timed to be optimally compatible with your communications teams.

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